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Beth Hamlin

I was incredibly surprised by this place. This small little cafe does not short on quality food. We ordered the roasted garlic appetizer and it was really amazing. I didn't think garlic could taste that good. Service was awesome. If you are in the area, I would recommend you stop in and try something. When in the Garlic capital, you should have garlic.

Ricki Schwartz

We were traveling down the 101 and needed a quick lunch so we decided to stop here to get something in the garlic capital. The food was outstanding. Service was friendly and quick. I hope to make it back one day!

Omar El-Sherif

Excellent food, staff was friendly and wearing masks, good amount of outside seating available. Cream of garlic soup was delicious!

Brandy Bisel

Amazing crab melt! Great service, even with outdoor only seating due to Covid.

Mercedes Hendley

Good service outside during these corona times. Sandwich was juicy and flavorful. Omelet is made from whole eggs only using whites (not from carton) However, note that it is a little wet from the tomatoes, in case that is off-putting to some. Would return here and order the same things again.